EZRAY PRO III RECHARGEABLE HEADLIGHT with THERMAL CONTROL. An unrivalled output of 375 lumens with its set of 3 Luxeon Rebel 100 White LEDs. When illumination at that level of intensity is not required the light can be dimmed down to two different LOW settings for increased battery life. The Ezray Pro III Rechargeable Headlight comes with SOS-Flashing and Focus Control making it a top-of-the-line product.

Brighter, more powerful headlights can also create issues with heat build-up, particularly during periods of extended use in high ambient temperatures or low ventilation. The Ezray ProIII Rechargeable Headlight is the one exception. It comes complete with thermal control and battery regulator control technologies that allow for longer continuous usage and greater comfort for the user.

When the headlight surface reaches a predetermined temperature (usually 45” C, but adjustable), the unit's protective circuitry kicks-in and adjusts the current. This dims down the light and pulls the temperature down to allow for continued, uninterrupted use. The Ezray ProIII Rechargeable Headlight automatically regulates the operating current when the battery falls below 30%. This also reduces light output and extends burn time. When the intensity of the light reduces in this way it also signals that it's time for a recharge, thus preventing the inconvenienceŠand potential dangerŠof a sudden complete loss of power. The circuitry includes a professional DC-DC voltage regulator which will keep the brightness output stable until the thermal control or battery control is activated.

The Ezray Pro III Rechargeable Headlight comes complete with a 1-meter extension jack (with locking system that ensures stable connection and water resistance) for external battery connection, a charging adaptor, headband, 4 helmet clips, and protective pouches. These combine to make one amazing headlight package.

EZRAY PRO III - Rechargeable Headlight with Thermal Control

Features: Three Luxeon Rebel 100 White LEDs with a measured output up to 375 lumens.

Battery Control - to extend burn time.
Thermal Control - to prevent Headlight from Overheating.
Mode twist Switch - for switching between Lighting Modes.
Safety Off Lock
3 Brightness Levels - High, Medium and Low.
Focus Control - 1X FLOOD - 4X SPOT
Free projection angle
Water and Impact Resistant

Colour: Black

Operation: HEADLIGHT
Rebel 100 LED's - Turn the mode twist switch to change
lighting modes


Red Rear Light

Beam Distance: HIGH - 110 m
MED - 85 m
LOW - 40 m

Bulb Type: 3 x Luxeon Rebel WHITE LEDs

Battery Type:

1 x 4.8 V 2200mAH Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery [Included] Additional batteries are also available separately.

Charging time: 6 hrs [Charging Indicator on Adaptor]

Battery Life: 3hrs HIGH 100%
15hrs LOW 10%,

Accessories: Adaptor for Indoor Charging
1 m Extension Cord for Remote
Battery Connection
4 Helmet Clips
Pouch for Battery Case & Pouch for Full Set
Output Power: Up to 375 Lumens

Size: 95 mm x 66 mm x 78 mm [Headlight] and 31 mm x 76 mm x 42 mm [Battery Case]

Weight: 352 g [With battery]

Bulb Replacement: LED never needs to be replaced

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