Genesis Enterprise is a proud supplier of the Magik IR headlight. Our customers have told us they need a touch-free design which can be used easily with gloves and mitts or dirty, wet, or otherwise occupied hands. With no more button fiddling hassles, the Genesis Magik IR delivers.

The sensor will pick up movement within 12 cm of the Magik IR's built-in emitter and trigger light activation or deactivation. A simple wave of the hand in front of the headlight will turn it On or Off. A button to switch to manual mode will prevent interference when working close to objects in front of the IR sensor. A red LED indicator on the headlight shows sensor activation. The smooth dimming control allows adjustment of the lighting intensity of the White Cree LED from 100 Lumens for those demanding applications and down to 10 lumens for general use - and for extended battery life. The 2 x 05 mm Red LEDs provide for night vision and SOS-flashing for use in emergency situations.

GENESIS MAGIK IR 100L Sensor Operated Headlight

Features: Headlight featuring Touch-Free Technology.
Separate ON > OFF Operation Buttons for switching between Manual Operation to IR Sensormatic Operation

(red LED Indicator on Button shows Stand-by Status of IR Sensormatic Operation Mode)

Smooth dimming control for 100% - 10% brightness of white LED 05 mm Red LEDs for Night Vision (protect pupils from dilating) and SOS - FLASHING for emergency use

IR Sensors Emitter & Receiver
Function Cree LED Focus Control for White LED 1X FLOOD - 4X SPOT
Free projection angle
Water and impact resistant

Colour: Black

Operation: Press the top operation buttons enabling independent control over Manual Operation or IR Sensormatic Operation

Press Manual Operation Button to cycle through following
various lighting modes:

CREE LED ON &Mac221;
[at Cree LED ON mode, press and hold the Manual Operation Button to cycle through 100% - 10% output level (blinks at 10% output), release any time for desired brightness]
[Instant OFF if stays at any mode over 3 seconds]
[Turn the circular control for white LED FOCUS CONTROL]
Press IR Sensormatic Operation Button to enable the following functions: CREE LED ON > CREE LED OFF
[At Cree LED ON mode, wave hand in front of the headlight slowly to cycle through ON and OFF]
[Press IR Sensormatic Operation Button to switch off completely after use]

*(IR may not work with gloved hands)
Bulb Type: 1 x XP-C [Q4] Cree WHITE LED
2 x 05 mm RED LEDs

Battery Type:

3 x 1.5V AAA size Alkaline Batteries [Included]
Additional batteries are also available separately.

Battery Life: 8hrs HIGH 100%
80hrs LOW 10%

05mm RED LEDs
40hrs ON

Output Power:

Bulb Replacement:
63 mm x 50 mm x 44 mm
Cree WHITE LED - Up to 100 lumens
RED LEDs - Up to 10 lumens
96 g [With batteries]
LED never needs to be replaced

Download and view our catalogue here [ 7.1 MB PDF file ].

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